Why Is it Important to Visit the Dentist?

Sep 08, 2022

Why Is it Important to Visit the Dentist?

Avoiding your dentist can cause small problems with your teeth to turn into serious ones that require more invasive solutions and are more costly to fix. Don’t skip that biannual appointment!

Too busy to make and keep that dental appointment? Think again. Failing to have your teeth maintained leads to expensive, painful issues, and you’ll wish you’d practiced more foresight.

In New York City, New York, at the Cosmetic and Implant Dental Studio by Dr. Dorian Cucereanu, DDS, we offer cosmetic dentistry as well as restorative options to help you if you let your dental visits slide.

Why are dental visits so important?

When you don’t see your general dentist regularly, issues get missed. When your teeth or gums start to have problems, there might not be symptoms until damage has advanced significantly. Here are just a few things that can happen if you keep putting off dental care:

Sensitive gums

Failing to get regular dental cleanings can mean plaque builds up below the gum line, causing pockets of infection. Gingivitis is the early stage of periodontal disease, and it can make gums sore, irritated, and prone to bleeding easily. We offer laser dentistry to help ease discomfort and restore gum health.

Infected tooth roots

Have a cracked tooth? Bacteria can easily gain entry and start multiplying in the pulp that runs down into each root, causing pressure, infection, and pain. The solution is a root canal, during which we scrape out the infected pulp, fill the empty shell of the tooth with a strong, sterile substance, and cap the tooth with a restoration that looks like your original tooth.

Cracked or decayed teeth

A small crack or cavity left untreated can develop into a bigger one, and eventually an entire chunk of your tooth may break away. We can repair your tooth by removing decay and creating a crown to cover your tooth and hold it together so it won’t suffer more damage. This type of restorative dentistry can save your tooth from having to be extracted.

Missing teeth

When you lose a tooth, the bone underneath the empty gap starts to dissolve, causing teeth on either side to loosen and also fall out. Dental implants create an artificial tooth root out of a titanium post, which is implanted in the bone to keep it stimulated and prevent bone dissolution. A restoration goes on top of the implant, forming a tooth that looks, feels, and functions just like the original.

Need help with your smile due to lack of appropriate dental care? We can help. Make an appointment at the Cosmetic and Implant Dental Studio by Dr. Dorian Cucereanu, DDS, by calling 845-622-6785 or by booking online today.